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GRANIT - Noir Absolute
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GRANIT - Noir Absolute

Countertop thickness: 1 1/4" | Edge: square nosing

Granite is a natural stone issued from the cooling of earth’s magma. It is composed of quartz, mica and potassium. It is a 100% natural material with a speckled, granular and crystalline appearance.

72.94$ pi2

Price includes: template, measuring process and installation (surcharges can be add depending of the square foot number, any visible joints, the location or other)

Order your stone countertop online, it's easy!

  1. Create your online account.
  2. Complete the submission request with your project information
  3. A quotation will be fowarded to you by email and a online product will be created in your shopping cart.
  4. Place your order online.
  5. Once your bottom cabinets intalled, please contact our planning service 450 645-0118 ext.2253, then a measurer will go directly to your home in order to take the measurements.
  6. Your stone countertop will be delivered and installed within 7 days after the measurement.

  • Outdoors or indoors application (colours do not change with UV rays or frost)
  • Choice of “slab” possible
  • Repolishing possible
  • Splice repairs possible (almost invisible)
  • The weight
  • Seal the surface upon installation and then once a year
  • Porous (be careful with fats and oils)
  • Certain pieces may present some imperfections (100% natural materials)
  • Cannot be renewed
  • No consistency from a slab to another
  • Price includes the template, measuring process and installation.
  • Surcharges can be add depending of the square foot number, any visible joints, the location (3rd floors by example) or other.
  • After the measurement, if surcharges are added, a second invoice will be sent to the client. This second invoice must be paid before the delivery/installation.
  • The bottom cabinets must be installed and level before the measurement process. Otherwise, travel expenses will be charged.
  • To avoid surcharges, please explain your project in detail.
  • Procédures de prises de mesures
  1. You must have a person responsable on-site in order to answer the technicians questions.
  2. Any existing countertop must be completely removed in order to take accurate measurements.
  3. All the home appliances must on the spot. If not, you need to have the manufacturer's specifications. Ex: stove, sink, soap pump, faucet.
  4. the backsplash must be taken down unless the client wishes to keep it.
  5. If the stove is on-site, it must be pulled away so as not to obstruct the laser. The measurer technician must take the door aperture measurement each side of the stove.
  6. Taking Measurements Process

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