Taking measurements

Start your project by measuring your room. Taking preliminary measures will facilitate the first meeting with your kitchen designer. Know that a measuring technician will take the final measurements at your home, before the start of production of your project.

Follow the steps below and use the grid to trace your room.

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1. Measure the distance between the walls

Starting from one end to the other, measure the distance between your walls. If it is new construction or new walls, do not forget to include the thickness of the gypsum if it is not yet installed. Demonstrate your dimensions by adding the measurements of each wall and comparing them to your total measurement.

Tip: As the walls may not be perfectly straight, measure at three different heights (floor, height, ceiling) and keep the smallest measurement.

2. Location of windows and doors

Starting from the nearest wall corner, measure the distance to the framing of your windows and / or doors. Then measure the width and height including the framing as well as the distance from the ground. If you plan to change your framing for larger or narrower, it is important to include them in your measurements.

3. Location of Appliances, Electrical and Plumbing Elements

If you want to keep your appliances and sink in one place or can not move them, measure the distance from the nearest wall to the center of the pipe and/or outlet. Do the same for outlets, switches and/or telephone sockets. Then note the composition of each wall (gypsum, wood, plaster, ceramic, etc.).

4. Ceiling height

Measure the height from the ground. This is important especially if you want to close your new cabinets up to the ceiling.

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