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Plan a kitchen, a bathroom, a walk-in closet, or a laundry room is exciting. The choice of material, hardware, and layout is now nearly infinite and it is easy to get lost in all of it. At Armoires Cuisines Action we understand the importance of such projects and this is why you will be accompanied by a kitchen designer to advise you and help you make the right choices.

Through its profession, the kitchen-designer can take into account your tastes, needs and restrictions to offer you the most suitable concept. You are assured of having the piece that resembles you and that will fill you for many years.

4 steps to complete your project

Observations and improvements to emphasize


First, observe and note your lifestyle, list the positive aspects of your current cuisine and add a list of your new priorities, not to mention the little pleasures you want to enjoy, for example: a dining area , a cellar, a glass cabinet, more drawers, more storage, perhaps an island and freestanding furniture for the dining room?

To maximize the meeting with your kitchen designer, we suggest you take the measurements of your room. Follow this link to find out how to take important steps. You will then be able to sketch a quick shot using the drawing grid available for download. It is now time to come meet us!

Make an appointment

First meeting


Allow about 1 hour and a half for your first visit to the store with a kitchen designer. It is during this first meeting that you will be able to bring the dimensions and the sketch of your piece. Also think about bringing your ideas or inspirational pictures, photos of your current play and your budget. The kitchen designer will gather information about your needs and tastes in order to begin his development proposal.

Second meeting


Allow about 1 to 2 hours for your second visit to the branch. Your kitchen designer will then present you the plans of the personalized concept he has created for you as well as the cost estimate. This is the time to confirm your satisfaction or make some changes if necessary. It's also the time to make your final choices for materials, colors and accessories. Once the project has been concluded, it is necessary to fix the visit of the technical advisor for the confirmation of the final measurements.

Visit of the technical advisor

— Confirmation of final measurements

Allow about 1 hour and a half for this visit at your home. The technical advisor will take the exact measurements in order to proceed with the execution of your plans the production of your project.

Now it's up to us to make your coveted kitchen!

The steps, from A to Z

From the customer meeting to the unveiling, this video is a real gem in terms of demonstrating all the steps at Armoires Cuisines Action for your new kitchen.

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Professional accompaniment

Take a look at the decision-making stages in terms of design and material choices in the context of one of our participations in On efface et on recommence TV show.

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Testimony of Brigitte and Mario

An outstanding experience with Brigitte Lafleur and Mario Provencher, as they testify to us. Twice we had the opportunity to design their kitchen.

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